Shades or sunglasses were first made from ivory. These ivory pieces were flattened and then horizontal slits were placed in between to allow the wearers to see through. These were created to protect them from the bright light of the sun. Then during the Roman times, precious stones like emeralds were used by emperors to cover their eyes from the glare of the sun as they watched some gladiators fight. Through the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, they began to tint glasses to correct vision problems in some people and to help those who had symptoms of light sensitivity.

It was only during the last century that wearing of sunglasses became a fashion trend. These were readily obtainable in various types of sunglasses shop worldwide. This was often through the influence of movie stars and celebrities who will hide behind dark lenses to avoid being recognised by their fans. It was also during this time that different kinds of lenses were created to add durability to those once fragile pieces of eyewear.

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