While taking trips should be a pleasurable experience, it is best to be prepared in case anything goes wrong while you are away from home. Travel insurance offers peace of mind to travelers, especially in foreign countries. If you or someone in your party becomes ill, looses their luggage, is involved in an automobile accident or inclement weather causes a change in travel plans, there will be someone to help you through these problems if you have purchased travel insurance.

You have two choices of basic types of travel insurance, an annual policy or one that covers a single journey. An annual policy covers you for any trips you take in an entire year for one premium. Single trip insurance covers just that, one trip, and is bought when you start your travel event. Each choice has its advantages and disadvantages. Keep reading for a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages for each one:Annual Travel Insurance: Yes or No? For an annual travel policy you will be charged one premium per year that covers you for the entire year. For a person who travels frequently in the course of one year, this is generally the cheaper way to go and will save you quite a bit over the cost of multiple single-trip policies. However this cost will be a lot higher than what you would pay for only one or two single policies, so choose carefully. Be certain you know just how often you will be traveling, how many trips a year you will take before committing to this type of policy.

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