VoIP works by using an internet connection through your router combined with a conventional landline phone or personal computer and a service plan from a provider. This means you potentially already have most of what you need. When making a phone call, the signals that are sent out are in the form of a normal voice call. These are converted into a digital format and are sent out to the desired destination. On arrival the signals are converted back into a normal voice call signal and thus the call is made. This means that the calls that are made are very similar to a normal phone call.

This also means that you can utilise many of the modern features that are found on your everyday landline phone. For example, voice caller ID is available as well as an interesting conference call feature, allowing you to have numerous callers in one conversation. One really interesting feature that is makes it so appealing is how it has adapted its voice mail service. Now, rather than having your messages waiting for you when you get home, you can access them via your e-mail account that is linked to your service provider plan. This means you never will miss out on that important call from India and is a brilliant tool if you lead a busy lifestyle.

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