Stretching is something I never used to bother with until I heard someone point out how much younger it made them feel once they got their flexibility back. And it makes sense – if you come home from work and covered in aches and pains – then of course you’re not going to be brimming with energy! And most of us lead lifestyles that make us all the more stiff and achy.

If you spend a huge amount of your time sitting at a desk, then this is going to do nothing short of destroying your health. Sitting for long stretches is terrible for your heart (because you’re not using it, basically), while it also causes certain muscles to shorten and tighten, while others elongate and become weaker. Among other things, this can risk causing an ‘anterior pelvic tilt’ where your pelvis is actually pulled forward at the front, making your buttocks protrude and hurting your back.

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