Adobe Dreamweaver has now established itself as the leading website creation tool in the world. There are many companies as well as individuals that would love to have their own website but simply can’t afford the services of a professional web design consultants. Using Adobe Dreamweaver, just about anyone can successfully build a web presence for themselves. Adobe Dreamweaver is pretty simple to use, observes current web standards, and allows even the fledgling web designer to put together a good looking, functional website.

Just as the use of a graphical interface has changed computing, making it more user-friendly, the use of Adobe Dreamweaver renders people with limited understanding of web construction perfectly capable of putting together a quality site. It also provides an excellent platform for learning how web sites should be built. For example, whenever you create new pages, Dreamweaver lets you base the new page on any one of several standard CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) layouts. The code which Dreamweaver produces contains HTML comments which explain how the page layout is constructed.

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