DO compare the wholesale cost with average selling prices. Visit an online cell phone store. Find the cell phone you want to buy from a wholesaler. What is the selling price? Compare it to the wholesale price. Is there profit to be made? If not, move on to the next mobile phone or wholesale supplier.

DON’T forget your goal is to make money. This is important to remember when buying stock for your store. You want to have a large selection of mobile phones and accessories, but don’t pay more than you need to. By finding the best wholesale discounts, you lower your business expenses and increase your profits.

DO purchase all store supplies. Most of your attention will be placed on stocking your store with mobile phones and accessories. This is important, but don’t forget supplies. You will need shelving units, hanging pegs, cash registers, counters, and so forth. While online researching wholesale phones, do the same for your store supplies.

DON’T open your store too soon. If you are opening a new store, don’t be in a rush to make money. First, make sure your store is easy to navigate and organized. Depending on preference, you can organize mobile phones by make, price, or plan.

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