DO sell cell phone plans too. To get started, contact the well-known cell phone providers. See what plans they have available for partnership.

DON’T make the mistake of believing people will automatically find you. Advertise your business on local radio and television, in newspapers, and more. In fact, host a grand opening celebration. These always attract guests, especially when you offer free giveaways.

DO have fair prices. When running a brick and mortar store, you need to make a profit. Not only do you need to consider wholesale costs, but rent, electricity, staff payments, and more. These all cut into your profits. With that said, charge fair prices. Scout your competition in the area and see what they charge. Make sure your prices are inline. When you charge fair prices, you should make more sales.

DON’T forget the foundation of your business should be customer service. Whether you sell the phones yourself or hire help, make sure your staff is informed. Customers will have questions about the mobile phones, accessories, and plans available. Make sure your staff can answer them.

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