Decorating should be fun and should reflect your personality and style. If you are planning a new decorating project, what you plan for you walls will be important. Original paintings will be a great addition to your home.

Before you get started, there are a few things to know about buying original paintings. Buying what you love is the only way to go. Original paintings are something you will not only keep, but will pass along to your future generations. Choosing paintings based on a decorating scheme might lead you to make a purchase you will regret in the future. Remember that you will see what you buy for years to come in your life, so buying what you love is the only way to go.

The options abound for purchasing original paintings. You might want to go see what your local art galleries have to offer. They usually have a lot for you to look at. Directors at galleries know all about art, and can help you make your decision. But keep in mind that what you buy at a gallery will be at a premium price. Galleries ask their artists how much money the artist would like to make on the artwork. After that amount is determined, the gallery doubles the amount. So you are actually paying twice the amount that the artist wanted for the painting.

Another great option for finding original paintings is art fairs. You can find art fairs in most communities. Some are held yearly, while others are monthly or even weekly. The great thing about buying from at an art fair is that you will be buying directly from the artist. It is not easy for an artist to make a living exclusively by selling art. If you buy from the artist directly, you will be putting the money in his or her pocket directly.

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