Medicos and scientists flew from countries like Australia, Iceland and China who formed a team of experts who had the data from at total number of 40000 individuals as their base of research. It was mentioned in the report that the genetic mark that was traced and held responsible for glaucoma is present on chromosome 7q31. The medicos were also of the opinion that SNP is one common trait which has found in abundance among Europeans on a large scale. Hence the individuals who were reported to carry SNP are prone towards developing glaucoma by a margin of 6 percent. On the other hand, people of Chinese origin forms only one percent of the total population which carries the risk factor that would turn into glaucoma. Speaking on the same note was Iceland’s Dr. Kari Stefansson, who happens to be the senior author of the study and the Executive Chairman and President of Research of decode. The doctor feels that it is the contrasting data about the development of glaucoma which makes this research worthwhile. The doctor also underlined the fact that they are still working upon the contrasting data for glaucoma development and shall soon figure out the basic reason behind it.

With this discovery t hey shall be at par with the best medical standards for an effective treatment of glaucoma. It was also mentioned that people who are of Chinese origin should be careful and should attend the eye clinic for regular checkups one they approach old age. The open angle glaucoma happens to be a deadly disease which renders the optic nerve inactive and as a result a person affected by the disease loses his eyesight. The study also revealed reports where it was observed that more than 10 million people who are notable above the age of 50 are affected by open angle glaucoma. What’s alarming is the increasing slope which is dangerous for many approaching the old age. Early diagnosis and effective treatment can only stem the rot and help people live with better and healthy eyesight.

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