Color contact lens has gone way beyond conventional colors like hazel colored contacts. There are plenty of designs and colors available that are very popular during Halloween and are also used in theatrical arts. The following article contains information on Halloween contact lenses.

Color lenses are a craze these days among young and trendy people. They are available in a large range of colors. There are color lenses which are of the daily disposable variety, some of which can be used even for a month. You can wear them for special occasions and choose the color to match your skin color or to suit the occasion.

Color contact lens can be bought without a prescription. These days you don’t need to visit a store to buy them. These can be bought online after selecting a color. You may choose the colors after consultation with specialists in a store selling color lenses.

Color lenses are available for special purposes like for when performing a dramatic role or even for occasions like Halloween. Halloween has been a favorite holiday for children since ages, but during the last few years it has become a favorite holiday for adults as well. Costumes claim the lion’s share when it comes to spending money on Halloween and color lens are a part of this expense as they have become extremely popular. Colored lenses make Halloween costumes complete and unique. Boring blue, green or hazel colored contacts do not come anywhere near.

Halloween contact lenses are available in a number of crazy and wild designs. Some of these are:
• Cat eye – yellow with a black vertical slit
• Alien eyes – evil green with vertical slits
• Jaguar – green with a black vertical slit
• Red hot – red with a black pupil
• Blackout- completely black

Some of these Halloween contact lenses are cheap while some others are expensive. If the designs are elaborate, the lenses have to be custom made and consequently more expensive unlike regular colored lenses like hazel colored contacts that can be bough over the counter.

The glow in the dark contact lenses are very popular. These are quite moderately priced, too. Two most popular brands are Crazy Lenses and Wild Eyes. These are manufactured by well known manufacturers and are affordable. Among the more expensive varieties there are Sclera Costume Lenses which cover not only the iris but the entire eye. The effect is stunning and nothing regular contacts like hazel colored contacts.

Color Contact Lens used for costumes are not manufactured as daily disposable lenses like brown, green blue or hazel colored contacts because the daily use lenses are very thin and cannot accommodate so much color. Halloween lenses are available as monthly disposable lenses which suit most people as they are cheaper than buying annual lenses. Halloween contact lenses are specially made to suit the occasion and can be bought in various designs at affordable prices depending on the design.

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