Some people wonder where tarpaulins originate. Tarpaulins actually come from the terms “tar” and “palling”, wherein “palling” refers to the large tarred canvas sheets that are used by sailors to cover the equipments on their ships. Tarpaulins can be made from canvas, vinyl, and polyester. They have many purposes, mostly involve protection. For instance, tarps are used to cover vehicles and outdoor equipments at home to protect them from the rain or heavy snowstorm. Tarps can also be utilized in providing shelters or tents when going on a camping trip or hunting. There are still other uses of tarps, depending on the current situations.

Poly tarps are considered as one of the most affordable tarps in the market. They are made of polyethylene coating over polyester mesh fabric. Poly tarps are sturdy and versatile, but they can be damaged when exposed to heavy storms or hurricanes and easily burnt when placed directly to fire. Heavy duty tarps are commonly utilized instead of the ordinary poly tarps when requiring the highest protection from the different forms of damages. Heavy-duty poly tarps are less heavy and more durable than most canvas tarps and are popularly used in outdoor activities such as construction and roofing.

Vinyl tarps are made of polyvinyl chloride or vinyl fabrics. They are stronger and more flexible than canvas and poly tarps. They are offered at higher prices since they can withstand more damages caused by excessive ultraviolet exposure and extreme weather conditions.

Canvas tarps are said to be more eco-friendly when compared to the other tarps. They are stable and tough and can survive in heavy weather conditions. They are water-resistant, but they are also known to shrink after a while, especially when placed constantly in exceedingly hot climates.

There is also what we call as a clear tarp. Clear vinyl and clear poly tarps are both ultraviolent-resistant. Clear vinyl tarps are tougher, heftier, and more expensive than most clear poly tarps.

We can conclude that among the three famous types of tarps, vinyl tarps are the most durable and stable. But there are always certain conditions wherein we need different tarps since vinyl tarps are heavier and more difficult to carry.

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