Sometimes people have unrealistic expectations of their courier company when it comes to what type of packaging supplies they are going to provide them. Some Santa Clarita delivery companies have to deal with customers who think that they are going to be provided with all sorts of packaging supplies from the courier. The truth is that the vast majority of courier and delivery companies don’t provide any sorts of packing supplies. There are reasons why this is the case, but there are also a few exceptions to this general rule.

The main reason that courier companies don’t provide packaging materials is that there is nothing in it for them to gain, but much for them to lose. Brining packaging products to customers is not really expected in the industry, so there won’t be a loss in customer satisfaction by not providing it. Next, there is much to lose by offering such a service because of the delays that it could cause in their delivery network. Customer satisfaction in the courier industry depends mostly on how fast a company can make deliveries, and carrying packaging supplies to customers could delay every delivery in that driver’s pipeline for the day.

The other reason that packaging supplies aren’t typically provided is because of how important the available space in courier vehicles is. Courier companies always try to get as many pickups and deliveries happening simultaneously as they can, as this helps them to maximize their profits. If a bunch of room in the shipping vehicle was taken up by boxes, tape, and packing kernels, this could definitely bite into the potential profit margins for any courier.

There are some courier companies which have found a way around this problem. They do this by offering to sell packing supplies to their customers. These are often more expensive than supplies you might find elsewhere, but you gain the convenience of having them delivered right to your door.

Even if you’re getting supplies delivered to you, or if you happen to work with the rare courier company that does actually provide packing supplies, it is important to remember one thing. This is that your courier company will never wait for you to pack something during a pickup. Even if you’re receiving supplies, make sure that your current order is ready to go when the courier arrives, and use the supplies to package the next shipment instead; otherwise your driver may simply refuse to make your pickup.

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