Courier companies shop for their software by looking for the features that will benefit their businesses the most. Similarly, customers of courier companies often evaluate their prospective services by looking at what features are included in the courier delivery software that a company is using. One of the features that couriers should look for in their software, and which customers should look for in their couriers, is real time driver management.

Real time driver management is a tool which can impact every aspect of a courier company. Of all the features which are built into different courier programs, this is one of the most important because of how far reaching it is. By improving efficiency at the courier company it helps to provide faster deliveries, keep costs down, and provide improved customer service. On top of that, a byproduct that is realized as a result of the technology necessary for real time driver management if a highly sought after feature by customers in their courier companies.

Real time driver management is accomplished through integrating GPS hardware in a courier company. The courier drivers carry GPS units in their vehicles, which is then integrated with the courier software that the company uses. This gives the software the ability to track the drivers throughout their days work, as well as being able to pinpoint their location at any given time.

From the viewpoint of improving the efficiency of the company, tracking the drivers allows companies to make sure drivers are conserving fuel, taking the best routes, not speeding, and not wasting time idling. This software features gives them the means to do meaningful driver analysis and coaching.

The other ability this gives courier companies is that of always dispatching the best driver for a shipment. When a call comes in, couriers can use their software to locate the driver in the best position to make the pickup. This will reduce both pickup and delivery times.

The final benefit is mostly for the customer’s sake. With GPS tracking enabled on all the vehicles, these software programs also include GPS package tracking for the customers use. All a customer has to do is enter a reference number on their courier’s website in order to get up to the minute real time locations of their shipments. This is a feature that most people want their courier companies to have, without realizing how many other benefits they are gaining from the entire package which is part of real time driver management.

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