Setting up a van delivery or courier delivery service from home is one of the most efficient ways that an entrepreneur can launch themselves into the world of business. Better than that too, in many respects, is that it is something that can be done easily enough without the need for third party backing. Independence in business is a valuable thing.

Firstly, there is relatively little cost; the demand for the right van delivery service is likely to always be high. Anyone from busy mums, stressed executives and time strapped students are always looking for a some help in having things delivered to their homes and offices.

Of course, there are a handful of things you will need before starting out. A van should really go without saying; but it is also important to have a computer, a printer and a mobile phone. For many people, being able to call a landline is important too; it gives a certain amount if credibility and longevity to proceedings; particularly for the elderly. When you are delivering for your customers, trust is essential.

Whilst any van that is roadworthy will do, you will make a far better first impression (and do better) if you can get your hands on something that looks good. If your budget allows, it could also be worth placing important information, (such as your name and phone number), on the side of the van, for a spot of advertising.

Having got this organised, you need to work on more advertising. It is important that people know about you and your van delivery service; spend a little time creating a flyer on your home computer. It shouldn’t take too long, and quite professional publications can be produced for free using standard packages and free images.

You will then need to decide where to deliver these fliers; colleges, retirement / nursing homes, retail parks are all good starting points. Also consider your local stores.

When your first bookings start rolling in, try and work out a decent schedule to maximize your earnings too; invest in mapping software and plan your route for multiple destinations. Working this way, you will also be better able to take on last minute, (more lucrative), jobs.

Sarah Arrow is co author of the complete courier guide, and in depth guide to setting up van and courier delivery services. She is also the author of the twitter guide for couriers as well as articles about same day delivery.

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