Your home is your castle, and you want yours to be a reflection of your taste. Home design and décor is very personal, yet many homeowners end up buying luxury homes that are already decorated and find themselves immediately redecorating. Building a new construction home lets you pick and choose everything from kitchen finishes to light fixtures if you work with the right builders. Many of these builders offer virtual tours of displays homes to get you started. After you’ve taken a look at some display houses, you’re ready to start designing your own house.

Decide What Your”Must Haves” Are

The first step is the most important. While you may have dreamed of a palatial estate for years, you need to be realistic when planning your first house. Decide what your budget will be and then make a list of the features you absolutely have to have. Include number of bedrooms and bathrooms, whether you want an alfresco area, and floor plan style you prefer. You may also decide that you have to include a garage or solar energy features. Your list can be used to choose a particular builder or floor plan. It’s the starting off point for your search. Once you’ve narrowed down your list to the must-haves, you can look for display homes online or visit actual luxury homes in your area that are open to the public to give you an idea of what you can afford and what’s out there.

Selecting The Details

The next step is selecting the details such as appliances and finishes. By picking and choosing which details are most important to you and your family, you can stretch your design and decorating budget and end up with a beautiful house that fits your lifestyle. Floor coverings, bonus rooms such as a home theatre or study, pivoting doors, countertop finishes and robes all fall into the ‘details’ category. The price range and selection of materials can vary widely. Kitchen countertops, for instance, could be made from concrete, recycled glass, granite or a host of other materials. Be sure to ask the home builders which options are available at your price point to ensure you’ll be able to get them in your house. Some display homes will feature standard finishes while others may show features that are considered upgrades.

Extra Features For Luxury Homes

If you choose a luxury house, you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade more features, including fixtures in kitchens and baths and outdoor elements such as designer exterior lighting. You’ll be able to choose everything from the number and size of robes to decorative pavers. Special touches such as a bar fridge, solar panels and external taps can be added as well. Pay particular attention to the fine details in display homes for inspiration.

Dream homes are being built every day, and new homeowners are increasingly selecting the style, size and décor they lov

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