Leslie irately relates Jerry’s story to Mark but he stops her short when he says that Jerry was unnecessarily scared of his associates to be direct with them. Leslie after a 안전공원 short time observes Carl was offended by Leslie’s attestations about park security and plans to show film of Jerry falling into the creek on Pawnee Today.

Leslie wrangles with Carl to not show the event, and actually they talk during the show in regards to the sum they participated in the film Avatar, presumably exciting a great deal of shock for have  Collins).

As a component of their course of action to not show the tape, Leslie buys Carl a sparkly new security truck. Carl surrenders the tape, which she agrees to dispose of later she watches it one last time. The working environment gets back to insulting Jerry, yet with less poison than already, while Jerry believes that he doesn’t really mind since he’s just a long time from leaving on a full advantages and participating in a quiet retirement.

In a side plot, a circle of show makes between Andy (Chris Pratt), April (Aubrey Plaza) and Ann. In a gathering, Ann says Andy is a charming individual anyway was a terrible playmate since he is absolutely subject to other people. When taking legitimately from Ron, Ann cuts down Andy with a wrist get, interesting Andy anyway making April desirous. Later Andy is unexpectedly taken out by Ron, Ann later strategies Andy at his shoe shimmer stand and carries him gifts to help him with feeling significantly better. April appears and Andy gives her a veggie darling bread roll. Stunned Andy got something for someone other than himself, Ann acknowledges Andy has changed.

“Park Safety” was made by Aisha Muharrar and composed by Michael Trim. It incorporated a guest appearance by joke craftsman Andy Samberg as Carl, the entertainment region official. Samberg and Parks and Recreation star Amy Poehler as of late appeared together as standard cast people in the NBC sketch parody series, Saturday Night Live.


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