When you are ready to choose a Shar Pei breeder you are going to need to ask a lot of the right questions because your breeder is someone you will be in contact with for many years to come. You need to trust your breeder and be able to communicate with them. And one of the ways you can determine that is by asking the right questions during the breeder search process. This is a little primer on what some of those questions could be and what answers you should be looking for.  Balinesecatbreeders.com

Any reputable breeder is going to be listed with a national breeder registry, using the registry’s breeding standards as his or her own. You are going to need to question a breeder that is not listed with a registry and find out what they use for breeding standards and also why they choose not to be part of a national organization that lends credibility to their business.

A good Shar Pei breeder will be part of your life, and your pet’s life, for many years to come after the transaction is completed. It is very important to maintain open communication with your breeder and if you are talking with a breeder that indicates that they may not have a policy where they stay in contact with owners after the sale then you may want to forget about doing business with that particular breeder and move on to the next candidate.

If you are talking with a reputable breeder then they will tell you that not only do you get the dog when you are ready to take your pup home but you also get complete and detailed care and feeding instructions that every owner needs and a sample of your dog’s food as well. If the breeder you are talking to has no intention of offering care instructions or a food sample then you probably do not want to deal with that breeder.

Life is not predictable and you may want to know that your Shar Pei breeder will be there for your dog if unforeseen circumstances force you to have to leave your dog behind. Some breeders will take pets back so that they do not wind up abandoned or in a shelter. You won’t get your money back, and you should not expect to, but at least you know your breeder cares enough to have a policy in place that takes care of your dog even when you are no longer able to.

Be ready with a lot of questions for your Shar Pei breeder. A good breeder will insist on questions and a good breeder may also be able to offer you free pet insurance so be sure to ask about that as well. Get to know your breeder because they will be a big part of your life and the future of your pet as well.

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