Gradually, WordPress has more or less been able to outdo the traditional static HTML website. In a comparison between WordPress and the traditional HTML website, the former proves better by far. With so many businesses going online every day, the need for easy to use systems has led to innovation of an easy-to-use, yet very effective

Here are a few guidelines to help you determine what to go for, when you want to establish a business website.

First, anybody who knows how to send an email can use WordPress for blogging. If you outsource this job to a blogger, they will be able to handle it for you easily. The many plug-ins that come with this blogging platform make it easy to customize your site to fit your needs.

WordPress is easy to manage. The client does not need to know any HTML code to be able to make minor content updates. For the HTML static websites however, it is very different. You would have to have mastered HTML code to be able to make any changes or updates, no matter how minimal.

The client can add new pages to the WordPress website in a few minutes, without requiring professional assistance. It is very different however for a HTML website because it cannot be done as fast and professional assistance would be required.

Here is the winner – when you add new content on the WordPress website, its site map will immediately ping AOL, Yahoo, Bing and Google, automatically. However, for a HTML site, it is exactly the opposite. There will be no ping.

You can reuse the content already stored in the database if you want to give your website a new look, in a day or so. All the content that you upload on to WordPress will be stored in the database. This includes images, videos, text and others. For the HTML website though, it would be like starting from a scratch again, like building a new website altogether.

You can be able to update your site on WordPress when you are on the go. It comes integrated with features that enhance the use of mobile technologies like blackberry, android and iPhone. For the traditional HTML website however, it is a no.

Does WordPress have any cons

Even though WordPress seems to carry the day when compared to the static HTML site, it does not mean that the latter does not have any pros. There are many. For example, WordPress is not very good for eCommerce needs. It is also not very good when you want to produce in-depth content. The traditional HTML site however is great for eCommerce, in-depth content generation and it is safer.

When it comes to security, the popularity of WordPress makes it a target for hackers. HTML sites are safer.

Simplicity, effectiveness and content management system make WordPress the winner any time. It is little wonder that it has become the blogging platform of choice for large, medium as well as small businesses.

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