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Are you thinking about having one or more houses managed? Rotsvast has specialised in belongings control for over 30 years. As a assets manager, we are able to absolutely unburden you inside the control of your residential belongings(s). In this way, you do no longer have to fear about management, upkeep or touch with the tenant even after renting out your property .

What is property control?
With assets control, you have a assets controlled by using a assets supervisor. A belongings supervisor inclusive of Rotsvast is, because it have been, an middleman who works on behalf of the proprietor of the home. There are specific sorts of belongings control. For instance, there’s economic management and technical management. When you opt for both forms of management, you are completely unburdened and you do no longer need to fear approximately the residence.

Real property control examples
Financial belongings control
With financial belongings control, we relieve you of all administrative subjects concerning the belongings. This consists of drawing up and amassing lease invoices, tracking hire arrears and enforcing rent will increase. We deal with the entire series procedure, even as much as the viable involvement of a bailiff. These are all the monetary assets management duties we carry out:

• Send and collect condo invoices, inclusive of monetary settlement.
• Provide periodic administrative apartment settlement.
• Monitoring bills and hire arrears.
• Taking care of any reminders (even calling in a bailiff).
• Making payments with the landlord’s permission.
• Taking care of rent will increase including written notification.
• Administering and passing on municipal taxes to the tenant.

Technical belongings control
With technical belongings control, we cope with the protection of the house. This goes beyond only a leaky faucet. Especially in massive residential complexes, there are many suppliers with whom carrier contracts want to be maintained. Technical control includes matters together with fire protection, preservation, facility management and energy control. Naturally, we make certain that the entirety complies with the perfect laws and rules. These are all technical belongings control responsibilities that we perform:

• Point of touch for all renovation and restore work, complaints and malfunctions.
• Carrying out (periodic) inspections and drawing up inspection reports (customization).
• Quotation request, undertaking and monitoring of upkeep.
• Compare, conclude and keep service contracts with suppliers (gasoline, light, water, and so on.).

Rock strong as a property manager
Property supervisor with over 30 years of experience.
Rotsvast keeps all touch with the tenant, so that you have nothing to fear about.
Rotsvast acts as a supervisor and deals with problems, complaints and questions.
Rotsvast offers all possible kinds of property management.
Rotsvast is familiar with all laws and policies.
Rotsvast has a huge information of the real property market.
Property control costs
We rate a percent of the hire for technical and financial management. We are glad to provide you with personal data about the prices of real estate control for your own home. Of course it’s also feasible to accommodate several houses with us for property management. Do you’ve got a large wide variety of homes? In that case, we are able to make tailored agreements with you.

Have your real property controlled by means of Rotsvast?
Are you inquisitive about having your property controlled via Rotsvast? Fill inside the touch shape and we are able to make an appointment with you for a no-obligation communique.

Property management is custom paintings and the above examples are proven as such.

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